Residential Energy Services

Branding, print & web design

RES (Residential Energy Services) is a national company that provides energy saving measures for UK homeowners.

During the initial startup of the company, RES required a visual identity to represent their brand. I designed a logo along with a complimenting colour palette and additional variants of the logo to represent the types of energy saving measures that RES offer. This was then used to create branded stationary.

A range of marketing materials were then required, including a brochure, leaflets, flyers, factual literature and email marketing.

RES also required a web presence that would appeal to the average homeowner and offer advice on how to save energy in the home in an easy and straight forward visual way. I used a lot of simple icon graphics to fit along side facts and figures which helped the user to digest information on the website.

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Software/Skills used:
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe In Design
• Adobe Dreamweaver